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Association for the Prevention and
Handling of Violence in the Family

 Project information

Project information

  • Main type of activities: Training activities
  • Duration of the project: 18 months
  • Start and end date of the project: 01/11/2015 - 30/04/2017
  • Total approved budget: 110.348 EUR
  • EC co-financing amount: 88.278 EUR (80%)

Project Objectives

  • Overall aim to improve the real, day-to-day situation of victims of crime to the greatest extent possible and to reduce their discrimination experiences in Cyprus;
  • Identification of the training needs of the professionals and practitioners coming into contact with victims of violence and crime and improving their capabilities via trainings;
  • Exchange of good practices on identification and screening processes of victims and their needs; Sustaining a network and good working relationships between the involved actors.

Main Project Activities

  • Undertake desk and field research so as to establish the current situation and system in Cyprus as regards to Victim awareness and training;
  • Implementation of training for trainers on issues: access to justice for victims, issues linked with victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual abuse, immigrants and trafficking victims;
  • Organisation of workshops and case studies for professionals and practitioners coming into contact with victims of crime and violence in Cyprus.
  • Formulation of a Screening Victim Identification Tool (SVIT) and Guidelines.

Expected Results/Impact

  • Improvement of the quality of services provided by professionals when dealing with victims of violence and crime;
  • Enhancement of education and knowledge of practitioners in the field;
  • Ensure and safeguard better access to justice and information provided to all victims by the authorities;
  • Strengthen inter- services cooperation between all relevant Ministries and exchange good practices that will help in shaping a more Victim support based system in Cyprus.